My research is at the intersection between nutritional epidemiology, statistics, and nutrition economics. 

Nutrition is an interdisciplinary field that uses a wide range of theoretical and empirical approaches. I use epidemiological and economics methods and focus primarily on child anthropometry and dietary quality as outcomes. I also examine data quality for nutrition and health data, and explore how data quality may affect inference. The goals of my research are to encourage collaborations and promote understanding between the fields of nutrition science and nutrition economics and to improve causal inference in nutrition by describing data errors, investigating data quality, and correcting artefactual patterns in nutrition data. Selected publications are linked here, with more detail in my CV and ORCID

N.B. Before my husband and I merged our three last names (Fischer, Nardi, Darrouzet - his name came hyphenated already!), my last name was Darrouzet-Nardi, not to be confused with the other A. Darrouzet-Nardi who is my brother-in-law, a biogeochemist at the University of Texas - El Paso.

Data quality and data linkages

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Making connections between nutrition science and nutrition economics

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Child anthropometry and dietary quality

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