Amelia B. Finaret, PhD RD LDN

Associate Professor of Global Health and Economics | Clinical Dietitian

Welcome! I am a teacher-scholar of nutrition and food economics and a practicing clinical dietitian. 

I teach Global Health and Economics at Allegheny College. I hold an Honorary Lecturer appointment with the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems at the University of Edinburgh. My CV is available here.

You can find information about my work on this site (links to  teaching, research, and presentations above), on Google Scholar here, and ORCID here. You can contact me directly at afinaret [at] allegheny [dot] edu.  Socials are below. Fair warning that I am not a terribly invested or a very good social media poster.


Food Economics Textbook

Food Economics will be published Open Access by Palgrave-Macmillan in Summer 2024. Students and instructors, please reach out anytime with questions about the book and its associated course materials. 

The text provides a unified introduction to the economics of agricultural production, business decisions, consumer behavior, and the government policies that shape our food system. 

The book begins with economic principles derived using graphical techniques to explain and predict observed prices, quantities, and other outcomes as a result of individual choices influenced by market structure and public policies. 

The second half of the book explores available data globally and for the US, covering a wide range of questions in agriculture and economic development, food marketing, and consumption. The book is designed for designed for advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate courses in agriculture, food, and nutrition policy.