These are my most recent presentations. Some of the links are to recordings, and other links are to slide decks. 

Data quality and data linkages

2023. Data quality, measurement error, and missing data. Presented as part of a workshop on nutrition data for staff of Food Standards Scotland (FSS). Slides available here. 

2021. Data quality: Considerations when using linked data. Presented at: “Evidence-Based Policymaking for Applied Economists”, AAEA Post-Conference Workshop. 

Making connections between nutrition science and nutrition economics

2023. Nutrition Society Journal Club. I presented a journal club session for a great paper by Akhter Ahmed and colleagues in the AJAE: Increasing production diversity and diet quality: Evidence from Bangladesh. Slides available here

2023. Food Economics for Nutrition Professionals. Presented at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Lifelong Learning Webinar Series. Approved for Continuing Education Credit for Registered Dietitians through December of 2025. 

2021. Masters, W.A., Finaret, A.B., Block, S.A. The multiple burdens of malnutrition: Dietary transition and food system transformation in economic development. Presented at “What Matters in Agricultural Economics? Setting the Agenda for the Handbook of Agricultural Economics,” AAEA Post-Conference Workshop.


2024. Eckstein, L.E., Finaret, A.B., and Whitenack, L.B. WTF: Way(s) to Fail. Interactive Online Workshop for the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA)/Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) Consortium for Teaching and Learning. *Note how we (mostly) failed at using PollEv at the beginning of the talk!